Trendy conducted advertising campaigns and organize the survey the majority of well-known brands. Models Trendy known children working not only in Russia but also abroad.


We offer you to organize any promotional shoot for your company (children's clothing, children's shops, designers, baby products, etc). You do not what it is not necessary to think, just to give the job to professionals. We are interested in new customers and a new cooperation. We can conduct a photo shoot for you, remove lukbuk and as we offer the organization of promotional filming "All Inclusive".


The service organization of the shooting "All Inclusive" includes creation and development of ideas, the selection of photographers, stylists, models, photo processing. Photo in all our online resources, the possibility of publications in journals. If desired, you can make a video Champaign.


Working conditions on the sets and the organization of the advertising companies at the moment the most loyal to Russia. Trendy operation result was the publication in many international journals. Our work and lukbuki high demand abroad.


We were placed on the covers of many European magazines. We have been working successfully in Italy, our children are shot here for well-known brands. The Trendy agency base of more than 100 models from 0 to 16 years (girls and boys), have all tipazhi.Eto your direct target audience and your potential customers.


Cooperating with Trendy, you can be sure to guarantee results and qualitative surveys. Trendy only works with top stylists and photographers, not only in Russia but also abroad.


Ordering promotional Champaign shoot or you get 100% result.


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