We invite models and designers.

Well friends ... it's time to get out of the gloom beautifully, and we take on this mission!

In April 2021, the first unprecedented immersive fashion show LE SPECTACLE will take place! You have never seen anything like this. It is in April that we will illuminate the city with spotlights and the uniqueness of the concept.

Everyone will become direct participants in enchanting fashion events: models, spectators, designers! But the most amazing news is that YOU can be in the main role!
The immersive show LE SPECTACLE is a completely new format of the performing arts in the fashion style, which has no analogues in Russia. We set ourselves the goal of bringing the fashion genre to a fundamentally new spectacular theatrical level, while remaining faithful to the high traditions of pret-a-porte.
When the history of the planet, where all the laws were changed yesterday, collapses, a new generation appears. You cannot learn to be like that - you have to live by it. This is a great revival of what has been lost in the hustle and bustle of a technocratic society, and the audacity to be different
So. The ice has broken! Do you want to be involved in the legend? Become a participant, partner or spectator.
Spring is coming soon! Let's meet on stage and create a new fashion story together!

Are you with us?

Send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call us 8-911-083-80-97

Our models on other continents

In the spring of 2019, our model Milena was published in the Australian children's magazine "Katwalk Kids Fashion Magazine"

Dasha Olshanskaya, producer and photographer, partner of Trendy model agency.

Our models are even available on other continents.

Big banner with our models in Crimea

Large two-meter banner, our regular partners, the manufacturer of children's shoes TM Kotofey.

The banner hangs at the entrance to the shopping center in the Crimea, in the city of Simferopol.

Our models are available in all cities.

Our models on banners in the shopping mall Raduga

Our models can be seen in large shopping and entertainment centers, for example, in the shopping and entertainment center Raduga.

Our #trendyboy Danya on banners and screens in the Raduga shopping mall. Still hanging, you can go to see


Our models in advertising Lenstroytrest

A big event in our Trendy family, our models starred in Lenstroytrest advertising.

Congratulations on such a great event.

The peculiarity of this shooting is that a real family was shot in the advertisement. Mom, dad and three kids, some of our best models Alice, Adelina and Angelina.

Participation in the event: the award of 20 successful children of St. Petersburg 2017

Children and teenagers of model model agency Trendy actively participate in the secular life of St. Petersburg.

Three models of MA Trendy: Eva Mone, Emin Pak and Polina Bogdanova, became laureates of the "20 successful children of Petersburg 2017" in the nomination "Fashion".

And also children and teenagers of model model agency Trendy took part in the enchanting show of dresses Sophie Galary, held in the framework of this large-scale event.   

Shooting Trendy by Stilnyashka

The most fashionable and stylish brands such as Stilnyashka, choosing children's modeling agency models the Trendy, shooting their new collections.  


Joint work of the famous fashion photographer Varbara Shuravin Trendy and children modeling agency models can be seen on the official website, in instargramme in the group vkontakte famous brand of children's designer clothing Stilnyashka.



New Year Party Fashion Family Christmas

Trendy children's modeling agency Models have become parties to a sensational New Year's party Fashion Family Christmas. Stylish and trendy New Year's celebration in the restaurant Quay was jointly organized by the magazine Scrabble and children's model agency Trendy. Leading this secular family Christmas holiday was a delightful Maxim Danilin. At the very fashionable tree of the city could see the performance of children's groups and artists, to consult an astrologer, to participate in the New Year master class, make stylish photos in online photo zone, chat with a live raccoon, play and dance with Santa Claus. Of course, Fashion Family Christmas memorable enchanting and unusual fashion shows of children's modeling agency Trendy.

Shooting for Marmalato store

Hardly any of today's fashionistas have not heard about the brand Marmalato ...


After Marmalato created for girls who are accustomed to live on a very high speed, which combine studies, training, privacy, all achieving success, they are ambitious, energetic, inquisitive, they are all important, everything is interesting - above all fashion. And not for nothing Marmalato brand chose teenagers - the Trendy model agency for advertising their collections - they just are!


Photographer Barbara Shurvinoy, stylist Anne Lotan and youth-model MA Trendy managed to convey the idea Marmalato brand - to be always at the height - the height of fashion, style and success!


Take a look at the website and the official instagram Marmalato, to see interesting, bright and unusual photos Trendy children's model agency.

Saint Petersburg Fashion Week SS 2017

For several consecutive seasons Trendy Model Agency takes part in the St. Petersburg Fashion Week. SPB FASHION WEEK. Trendy models participating in the fashion show St. Petersburg designer Anna Ovchinnikova. Collections "Butterflies in the palm", "Excursion in St. Petersburg", "Still Life". Fashion Week a truly major event taking place in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Moscow and St. Petersburg, of course. It is an honor to participate in such an event. Trendy models do this is the third season in a row.

Fashion show in Atlantic City

As part of the fashion show in Atlantic city model Trendy children's modeling agency took part in a variety of shows. Teens model Trendy MA with adult professional models participated in shows such famous brands as Bosco, Moschino and Baldinini. Child models Trendy MA presented a collection of Italian elegant dresses from the store Beba Kids.

Event Fashion Poker Show Spb

Child models on the catwalk invariably cause emotion at all present, but the children of models working as professionals, now cause admiration! Trendy children's Models modeling agency admired by famous designers hope Kornev, Marina Sedov, Alexander Petrov, Augustus Van Der Wals, Anna Ovchinnikov at the elegant event FASHION-POKER SHOW SPB Palais des Suzor. At this event, children with Trendy MA model with great success presented elegant dresses from the store - Italian brands of children's clothing.

International Competition Style, Fashion, Quality

Child models Trendy model agency took part in the international competition STIL.MODA.KACHESTVO., Held with the support of the St. Petersburg city administration. It professonalov competition, which makes high level of skill, not only to the participants but also to the models. children's modeling agency Models Trendy successfully presented a collection of designer Svetlana Zlotnikov, who took first place in its category and a collection of fabulous dresses designer Anna Poloselovoy.

Fashion show at Anna Ovchinnikova Glam Show.

Famous designer from St. Petersburg Anna Ovchinnikova always trust children Trendy models modeling agencies present their collections at various events. She knows that the impressions produced by the Trendy children's modeling agency, always have a high level and this profescionalizmom. At this time, children model MA Trendy with great success presented a collection Anna Ovchinnikova on Glam-show «Secular chic« Fashion & Dance »in the palace of Olympia.

Fashion battle №2 Moscow

Partners of the most anticipated of this year's fashion FASHION Battle №2 in Moscow, the female edition Esque, including a children's model agency Trendy. Moscow Designers compete for the title of the best and represent children's collections are children model MA Trendy. Discerning jury, and it was well-known designers, fashion historians, models, actors and celebrities, we noted the beauty and professionalism Trendy children's model agency. Models MA Trendy designers were presented: Irina Sharlay.

Fashion Battle №2 St. Petersburg

November 5 Palkin restaurant was the second in a row FASHION Battle №2 in Saint Petersburg designers battle by female edition Esque. Before demanding a jury, among which were: the famous designer Anna Ovchinnikova (Fashion House Anna Ovchinnikova), Anatole Vovk (student Alexander Vasiliev), Saint-Petersburg Irina Nikonorova beauty queen, model Trendy children modeling agency proved to be real professionals.
As part №2 in Saint Petersburg FASHION battle Trendy children's modeling agency model took part in the shows of collections of children's designers: Marina Romanova Angelina Goldberg Ozhogin Xenia, Helena Ignatyeva, and consistently high professionalism presented new collections.

Shooting school uniforms for BebaKids

Shooting fashion school clothes Beba Kids in the restaurant "Gusi Lebedi".


Professional job Trendy-MA models children can be seen on the official website BebaKids, the official network instagramme BebaKids, in the design of a network of shops of children's fashion BebaKids.


Banners with pictures of Trendy children's modeling agency models can be seen in the largest shopping centers in St. Petersburg. Photographer Barbara Shuravina project.

Shooting TM Shine "Kotofey" in Crimea

For the umpteenth time, Trendy children's modeling agency model took part in the filming of a new advertising campaign TM Kotofey. TM Kotofey - one of the most popular manufacturers of children's footwear in Russia and abroad.


Participation in the filming took children model Trendy MA from St. Petersburg and a branch of AI Trendy, located in the Crimea.


The place advertising filming of a new collection was majestic snow-white Crimean city of Sevastopol.


Joint work of the photographer Barbara Shuravin, stylist Irina Petrenko, designer clothes Irina Ranevskaya and AI Trendy-models children can be seen in the TM Kotofey directories on the company's website, in the design of chain stores and advertising banners TM Kotofey.

Shooting clothing collection for BebaKids

Shops of fashionable children's clothing chain Beba Kids invariably chooses Trendy children's modeling agency Models for shooting their new collections.
For several seasons, you can enjoy photos Trendy-MA models of children on the official website chain stores, the official instagramme stores Beba Kids, seen in the design of chain stores, as well as advertising banners stores Children's Beba Kids fashion in the biggest shopping centers in St. Petersburg.
Thanks to photographer Barbara Shuravin and children models MA Trendy new collection BebaKids chain stores represented an appropriate style of leading brands.

Shooting TM Shine "Kotofey"

Trendy children's modeling agency Models took part in the filming of a new advertising campaign TM Kotofey. TM Kotofey - one of the most popular manufacturers of children's footwear in Russia and abroad.
Participation in the filming took children model Trendy MA from St. Petersburg.
Our work can be seen in the TM Kotofey directories on the company's website, in the design of chain stores and advertising banners TM Kotofey.


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