Your child is beautiful, we know it! But model children's photos are the base with which our agency works, presenting them to the customer.

In what clothes is it best to dress a child, so that it looks good in the eyes of the customer? Let's figure it out.

Agree that today children's clothes are not inferior to adults in their diversity and parents have a great chance to instill good taste and teach style lessons from an early age. And modern designers are working hard to use a form of simple cut, but from bright fabrics with prints and trim to emphasize the beautiful age and beautiful model.

Therefore, going to the photo studio, to make model children's photos, we suggest to give preference to the following features of dresses: - the girl should be comfortable, and the silhouette is desirable free; - it is better to use pastel colors with contrast finish;

- flounces, bows, frills, lace look good on dresses; - You can use ethnic motifs: Russian sarafans, national embroidery;

- You can use the fabric in a cage, strip, flower, peas, regardless of winter and summer dresses;

- advantage is given to natural fabrics: in the summer - cotton with elastane, in winter - wool.

A model baby photo should reflect what the child wears everyday and it is very comfortable for him in this dress! Why? Children are very mobile and clothes should emphasize that the cut of clothing is suitable for the daily needs of the baby in motion and does not fetter them.

You can put the girl in: tunic, dress-sweater, a dress with a trapezoid or with an inflated waist, a sarafan or cut-off around the waist, a dress-shirt.

What is categorically unacceptable:

* Short tight dress,

* Dresses with cutouts on the back and chest,

* Narrow skirt and high incision.

You can also use fancy dresses for special occasions for a model children's photo. Children's fashion is oriented to an adult, so when choosing a style, it is necessary to start from the age of the girl.

In this case it is easier to list the nuances that need to be excluded:

* Dress in the floor,

* Dress-bustier without shoulder straps

* Dresses with a corset top,

* Style mermaid.

Still, it is preferable to dress the girl "princess" and get excellent model children's photos.

If you decide with your child to embark on a romance of the model world, we are waiting for you to cast. Sign up by phone: 8-911-083-80-97
Not only the children of the northern megalopolis are striving to make the very first, important and very serious step towards the career of the model, but also very many children bring their parents from the outskirts of the Leningrad region to our children's model agency SPb-Trendy.

Of course, most of the children are indigenous St. Petersburgers, but there are models from Sestroretsk, Roshchino, Gatchina and Gatchina district, Pushkin and Peterhof.

To choose the right agency for a child is to form the right career of the future model. There are a lot of agencies, but high professional level does not correspond to all. And it is important to understand which child model agency St. Petersburg will cope with, so that the child took the first right steps into the world of model business.

Trendi works in St. Petersburg with children from 3 to 16 years old. From the very childhood of age we see in them the future stars of the big stage in modeling and invest in the work on his career.

Do you find that your child has a bright appearance? Or maybe he has some other qualities? Then urgently bring him to us for a casting and we will begin our work with your child.

If the baby is 3 years old, then the first requirements are that he is not hyperactive, calm and smiling, not afraid of strangers, other children and a new environment. Of course, physically he should be healthy and not have a tendency to frequent colds.

We would like to note that in the modeling business the earlier experience is welcomed, but, unfortunately, this does not guarantee at all for his successful career in the process of growing up. The children's modeling agency SPb-Trendi watches every child, every model and tries to correct all changes in time for the better. Of course, with the exception of external data, which is also actively changing during adolescence.

In older children, the ability to pose, acting skills, discipline and the desire to work on the set are especially appreciated. If the child has come to the children's model agency SPb-Trendy without the above mentioned skills, then he will have to join the learning process with other children and as soon as he starts everything is good, he will start receiving proposals for filming.

Despite all the above, we propose to treat children's modeling as an educational game and a busy interesting hobby, and not as something serious, already defining his career.

Would the child want to be a further model? Will he like to work on the set and pose in front of the camera? Will he be able to reveal himself in such a way as to please the producers of brand clothes? Not we, not you yet do not know. Therefore, it makes no sense to predict the future of the child for him, but there is a definite task - to help him decide - he will like this prospect of further work in the modeling business or not.

If you decide to enroll for a casting in the children's modeling agency SPb-Trendy, then this is the right choice from the very beginning! We are waiting for you!
Any child model casting is carried out on the selection of types. Although, casting is quite a tough procedure, but it's not worth it to be afraid. As well as it is not necessary to forcibly drag the child to the children's model casting.

Casting is an opportunity for a child to positively present itself. It is necessary to behave calmly and naturally.

What children are interesting to us as future models?

- from infancy to 16 years

- Photos with your child are mostly successful

- a child is more cheerful and joyful

- he has a Slavic appearance, a preference for blue-eyed blondes

- boys appreciate short hairstyles, girls have long hair

- the parents of the above-mentioned children should have free time to attend many castings and accompanying events.

If you have passed the children's model casting in Trend, the first thing you will need is a portfolio. Your child will simply need professional photos. Prepare for these constant expenses, as the child's portfolio will have to be updated, because the appearance changes quickly.

Photo will have to be done by a professional photographer, whom you will be recommended in the agency. The services of photographers accredited in the agency are quite expensive.

Photography services with a certain photographer may also include:

- the help of the make-up artist - probably, rent of studio and the equipment - certain style with granting of clothes, sometimes several images including with accessories.

The cost can include the amount of time or the number of frames with the final quality images. Usually photographers provide no more than 10 photos for one photo session.

To shoot will have to prepare in advance: - Try on clothes, - Rehearse before the mirror images and mood.

It is important to understand that after going through the children's model casting - you join in laborious work with your child, where you will have to devote the most part of your time to this activity!

If you decide to join the database of our successful models and are determined to go through the children's model casting in our agency, then call and sign up by phone: 8-911-083-80-97
Today, the children's model business is actively developing, along with the adult. Fashion designers diligently develop new lines of children's clothing, thanks to which the children-models are in demand.

Today a child's model business can be reached by a child from birth. Naturally, not himself, but together with his caring parents. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take an adequate approach to the decision to enter the children's model business, because the child will have to cope with the role of the model: - do not be afraid of the camera, - calmly react to the increased attention to it, - be calm and relaxed on the set. A good practice will be for the child any additional studio: theatrical, sports or vocal. This can also affect its relevance as a model.

Any model should have a rich presence of photos in its portfolio, made in professional studios with a beautiful background and entourage.

All your photos should have an electronic format for convenience of further use.

A variety of photos is only welcomed: on the street, indoors, in different clothes, with different hair. The children's model business requires this, so take it seriously.

Now you can choose for yourself two ways to implement the idea with the children's model business: by your own efforts to look for your child shooting and screenings, or entrust this work to Trendy, which is interested in promoting your child and working out his portfolio. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that there will be a lot of proposals for your child's participation in the filming programs.

The child grows, do not forget to update the information about it: height, weight, body parts dimensions, new photos.

Promoting the child through the model agency Trendy will make it much easier for the prospective star tops, but in your competence everything will remain the child's preparation for the most crucial moments: obey the photographer, do not run, walk like a model, change clothes a lot and so on. A small child in the children's modeling business will have to help!

Today, the market is full of children's clothing, but your child may not be suitable for a particular collection - do not get upset, but it can ideally be suitable for advertising a school uniform or collection of shoes.

There are no particularly strict requirements in the children's modeling business, the main thing is that he likes to be a model! And we will help you in this! Register for the casting on the phone: 8-911-083-80-97 and your child can become a part of our warm friendly team.

Even the smallest child can become a model. As an example, we recommend that you go to the page and see our model children - photos from Trendy.

If you decided that your child should also become a model, first of all you must recognize that the model business has its own rules and not everyone can withstand them! Great fees, popularity and fame are given to individuals.

The second thing that will have to be faced immediately is the child's work in front of the cameras: he must be able to behave calmly, uninhibitedly and completely naturally.

A big plus will be for you, if the child was engaged in any section: sports, dance and other, which provides for his appearance on the stage and emancipation.

To make a child a model, you need to start preparing a portfolio for him or her, which will help you find a job faster.

The portfolio should be from a professional studio. But you can not search for photographers if the child has become an agency model. As a rule, the children of a photo are photomodels when working in a Trend.

As for the price of the model portfolio, it is worth counting on the sums of four thousand and more. It all depends on the level of the photographer and the opportunities provided: whether the stylist is included, whether there are clothes for the image and how the studio itself is paid for, where photography will be done.

Usually all photo sessions that are conducted through the agency almost always prepare children for shooting completely: from hairstyle to clothes.

The taken photos are processed by the photographer and are already working for children's photomodels, the photo is placed on the resources of the model agency Trendy.

If you decide that your child is ready to become a model, then welcome to the Trendy!   

The children's model agency Trendy uses all possible platforms for the models to go to the podium. It can be an equipped stage in a shopping and entertainment center, and possibly - and any telecast. So it happened this time. Trendy models went to the most famous talk show in Russia - "Field of Miracles".

Before the Legend of television screens - Leonid Arkadievich Yakubovich, the leading model of the children's model agency Trendy - Polina Bogdanova. She beautifully told him a poem specially written for her by the famous Petersburg poet Daria Petrova, and then she went to the studio podium as part of a group with whom she came to Ostankino television center.

Lisa Bosova, Anzhelika Chistova, Svyatogor and Yaroslav Ploschenko, Vasiliki Pernau, Eva Kuznetsova ... began showing the clothes of the Italian brand "Beba kids" with beautiful silver balls to the rhythmic music and applause of the audience.

Among the spectators were also the parents of the remarkable models of the children's model agency Trendi, who could contemplate from the audience everything that happened during the filming of the telecast.

The excitement was overwhelming, but the children coped with their task perfectly thanks to the fact that they constantly attend the "defile" lessons at the agency and all the necessary rehearsals conducted by the founder and head of Valery Istomin.

The children's model agency Trendy is in close cooperation with many major brands and well-known brands that also meet such delicate issues as a gift of the "Miracle Field" studio. Two collection dresses for the granddaughter of Leonid Arkadievich were kindly provided by the same brand store "Beba kids".

Moreover, our models took part in the transfer of two compositions. Ether of the first composition was held on February 10, and the second one we will see on the first channel on the 17th of 2017.

A trip to Moscow to the Ostankino television center in the midst of the virus attacks and tedious waiting of the filming in the close room of the costumer cost the children not only to demonstrate

Brand and their skills in modeling, but they also took candy from the leading most popular TV show in Russia, and also received a memorable photo with a star of Russian screens.

If you want your child to become another pride of the children's model agency Trendy, register for the casting by phone: 89110838097 and join us!

Of course, before joining any child model agency, the reviews are the most necessary thing that the parent must do to avoid being in an unpredictable situation.

Model business is an expensive sphere of human activity and often not as rosy as it may seem at first glance, but it is completely painless, if you still adhere to some rules that will help you to easily join a closed society cell.

Each child model agency reviews have both positive and negative. This is normal, because in the modeling business much depends not only on the material investments and ambitions of parents, but also on the preferences of the customer, to which the agency is oriented.

Any customer is looking for a model that can decorate his business, surprise, delight and intrigue the client. And there are such children! They, in the end, become the "stars" of advertising banners and the leading models of the agency. They are able to convey the emotion expected by the customer! And this is a big work - not only from the parents, but also, first of all, your child.

It is in the battle for the preferences of the customer that some parents stop adequately assessing the situation within the collective and begin to succumb to intriguers who for some reason are already "pulling on a blanket." So negative reviews are born about the children's modeling agency. But in such stories, we recommend to negotiate with the head of the agency, and not to take hasty decisions from which, in the first place, children suffer.

We highly appreciate each child in professional modeling and are proud of their already established models, which thanks to their work have become not only the face of the brand of many companies, but also receive various fees.

If you want to also record a child for casting, and for this you are looking for feedback on the children's modeling agency, then leaf through our website and look at the personal pages of all the children who became models in Trending!

We travel a lot not only in our country with fashion shows, but also around the world. We participate in many advertising shootings and are always glad to new talents!

The children's model agency Trendy is developing rapidly, opening new branches in different parts of the city of St. Petersburg and, perhaps, you live very close!

In that case - give a chance to your child to become that star, which customers are looking for! Register for the casting by phone: 8-911-083-80-97 We are waiting for you!

Modelling, as well as any other serious type of activity includes a variety of concepts and it's not just advertising goods or services. Modelling - is the work on the creation of a complete image, the creation of a standard appearance, style and behavior, which must comply with the ideal man and woman.


In addition to the promotion of goods or services on the market, modeling sets standards of beauty and style. People should want to look like a model, move the model to dress like a model, to do so, as a model, in this case all that is advertising model that will create the desire to have around, because it is closer to the human standard. Therefore, activity model is currently very diverse and multifaceted, and become a modern model not so simple. It is necessary to have not only attractive features and a slim figure.


Basic wardrobe - it is at everyone!


How to understand this sentence?


The base, it is the foundation, the base on which to build all the "Dressing the building." Rules and laws of the universe they shared, walk-in closet is also built by its own laws, then they shared. We read different lists basic wardrobe on the Internet and in the style of the books; it says that it is necessary to have basic things, such as a skirt - a pencil, black dress sheath, a white shirt and a dozen things. So I understand, everyone has his own, or made up according to the rules and laws. So whether or not to have these things to you? The correct answer is: do not know yet. Many people confuse the office style with a basic wardrobe. Office or business, this is the one you made to work in the office. Clearly, it shows the quality of your business and should not be distracted by female charms.

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